We believe strongly in the importance of being an effective channel of God’s blessings to the preaching of the Gospel and extending His Kingdom.  

​We've put this into action by forming and maintaining partnerships with people or organizations that meet our church's mission objectives.

We encourage our church members to actively participate in mission work, either through financial giving, prayer as well as direct involvement in short term mission opportunities when available.


Our mission initiatives operate within what we call the our E3 Framework, which is to Equip, Evangelise and Enable:
  1. Equip Christians for mission and evangelism through discipleship, education, training.;
  2. Evangelise through personal witnessing, community service, missions and church-planting; and 
  3. Enable the pre-believers, the persecuted, the marginalised and the needy to live in the fullness of Christ. 

​This framework applies to local, national and international missions for ourselves and through partnerships with people or organizations who satisfy the following criteria:
  1. The person or organization is well known to us and whose ministry is well understood by ESCCC
  2. The person or organization can demonstrate the positive impact of their ministry in extending God’s Kingdom
  3. The need for financial support is real and urgently required.
  4. The partnership is cost effective and beneficial to ESCCC and in line with ESCCC vision and objectives


Our church has long standing relationships with the following organisations through both funding as well as prayer support:
  • Overseas Council Australia is our core mission partner for equipping equipping Christians across the world for spreading God's word.  We currently sponsor 6 seminary college students in Indonesia and Lebanon through OCA. 
  • Jesus Power Evangelistic Missions International is our core mission partner for evangelism. JPEM’s mission work also fall within our equipping and enabling objectives.
  • Open Doors Australia is our core mission partner mainly for enabling, as we stand in solidarity with God’s persecuted church around the world.