If you are between 13 and 35  then you are in the crucible of the fight for your life.

Every instance calls out for your attention, for your devotion, for your conformity, for your submission.

But every instance does not call out your name. Indeed every instance does not even know your name.

​As such YAM turns to hear the voice of Jesus. To hear his words trumpet over the noise of this world like a kind whisper to our ears. So as to be established by Jesus who knows all things, not the least of which is your name. Jesus' sacrifice thunders in our souls. Jesus' love reverberates in our community.  Jesus' words echo through our actions.

To know more please contact Youth Pastor Boon.

Globe (High School)
GLOBE is for the younger end of YAM (teens) to hang out and get to know one another through understanding and applying the Word of God.

We meet in Church on the first 3 Sundays of each month straight after the Sunday Service. We begin with lunch at 12:00pm, with the program finishing at 2:00pm.

So if you’re in high school (years 7 to 12 – or equivalent age) please come and join us​!